What You Need To Know About Your Hair

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What You Need To Know About Your Hair!

Your Hair Legacy

All of us, men and women, have a hair legacy which we need to preserve. Hair is often regarded as a reflection of health and, on average, we have 100,000 to 150,000 hairs. People are sensitive about the quality of their hair.
Very recent research has made it possible for science to understand the secret life of hair, from its birth to death

Hair Physiology
  • MELANOCYTES : these cells supply the pigments which give hair its colour.
  • DERMAL PAPILLA : play a vital role in supplying the scalp with blood.
  • HAIR FOLLICLE : this is a double sheath which anchors hair in the epidermis and dermis.
  • SEBACEOUS GLAND : this gland helps keep hair permanently lubricated.
  • HORRIPILATE MUSCLE : this muscle makes hair bristle in cases of stress.
  • HAIR STEM : composed entirely of keratin-packed cells.
  • CORTEX : hair colour is determined by melanin located in the centre of the hair stem in the cuticle (keratin filaments make up the structure of the cuticle).
  • BULB : each hair is implanted in the skin by means of a bulb which is produced by a rich and important area, the matrix.
  • MATRIX : a hair production workshop, the matrix allows germinal cells to divide rapidly so that older, keratinised cells are pushed outwards. The hair stems originate here.
The Hair Cycle

Hair is a living material and is therefore undergoes growth and death cycles.

  • Hair in the growth phase : anagenesis
  • Hair in the non-growth phase : catagenesis
  • Hair in the falling phase : telogenesis

The ideal ratio is 4 anagenesis :1 telogenesis.

Generally speaking, for hormonal reasons, men's hair does not grow as long as women's hair.
There are evidently many factors, environmental or stress-related, that can affect, if not disrupt, the hair cycle. Disruption of hair growth generally originates in the deepest part of the hair: the matrix. Alopecia is very commonly linked to hormone imbalances (androgenetic alopecia) and can affect both men and women, although it is more common in men. Apart from extreme or pathological cases, alopecia in women is linked to the aging process which leads to hormonal imbalances such that the hair cycle becomes shorter.

Sudden Hair Loss

Sudden hair loss in women or men is a handicap that is often neglected. Many factors, whatever a person's age, can lead to sudden hair loss or gradual loss of hair over a period of time.

The main causes of sudden hair loss :

  • Physical fatigue or overworking
  • Neurovegetative disorders
  • Trauma and shock (birth, surgery)
  • Infectious diseases
  • Certain types of medication
  • Hormonal disorders
  • Professional factors
  • Hereditary factors

In addition, alopecia can occur as a result of treating the hair and scalp harshly, for example through the use of overly detergent shampoos, perms, dyeing and aggressive backcombing in addition to the mechanical effects of brushing.

Some types of hair loss are often neglected
  • hair loss in teens
  • hair loss in young women
  • stress hair loss
  • pregnancy hair loss
  • post partum hair loss


What to do about hair loss

When hair loss starts to be excessive (over 30 to 50 hairs per day), whether in men or women, treatment has to be started in order to stop hair loss or to prevent it becoming worse.



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