Slimming (Tone & Reshape) - HÉLIASLIM

Tone and Reshape Your Silhouette in 2 Easy Steps ... Firm and Refine the Silhouette!


(1) The exfoliating Seaweeds and Shea Butter Soap activates circulation and prepares the skin before the application of the (2) Slimming Gel.

We associated Yerba Mate and Green Coffee in the HÉLIASLIM® Slimming Gel in order to promote the reduction of localized fat accumulation. It refines the figure and helps restore the skin’s elasticity and firmness.

Yerba Mate - this tree is native to subtropical South America. Its leaves contain caffeine. Mate is also the name of the beverage prepared by steeping dry leaves in hot water. This infusion has stimulating properties and is very popular in Paraguay and Brazil.

Slimming (Tone & Reshape) - HÉLIASLIM

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