Combination to Oily Skin - for Men & Women HA

HÉLIABRINE HA … purify, clarify, reballance – natural soothing complex (acneic, irritated oily skin)

HELIABRINE HA LINE Combination to Oily Skin Care Line

Specifically formulated for oily, acneic and problem skin, HA line is the efficient answer to cleanse, purify and rebalance oily and combination skin or acneic and irritated skin for teenagers as well as people of all ages who continue to experience these problems. This line contains soothing, sebo-regulating and anti-bacterial active ingredients that fight unsightly imperfections, soothe itchiness and burning sensation.

HÉLIABRINE® HA Combination to Oily Skin Care Line features very original, active and effective formulas (Puriphyl solution). Free of fragrance and coloring to avoid cutaneous reactions. NATURAL SOOTHING COMPLEX
Calendula, Chamomile and Cornflower, all natural active ingredients, have been selected in HA formulas for their softening & soothing properties while Lime Blossom & St. Johns Wort for their protective & anti-inflammatory action.

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Combination to Oily Skin - for Men & Women HA

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