Anti-Puffiness, -Dark Circles - Eye Contour Care

HÉLIABRINE EYE CONTOUR TREATMENT … a youthful, beautiful look - anti-puffiness, -dark circles, smoothing


Extremely mobile and very thin, sensitive and fragile, the skin around the eye contour develops fine lines and wrinkles and ages more quickly than the rest of the face. As a result of poor blood and lymph circulation, bags and dark circles, become permanent and make the eyes look heavy. It is often sensitive, dehydrated and needs specific care.

The HÉLIABRINE® EYE CONTOUR CARE LINE provides a complete answer to the specific problems of the area around the eyes - LOOK & FEEL YOUNGER

HÉLIABRINE® has chosen natural plant extracts that smooth, brighten, soothe, protect and revitalize the eye contour area. Their formulas contain Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, proven effective for its stimulating properties on cell oxygenation and its protective action against free radicals.

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Anti-Puffiness, -Dark Circles - Eye Contour Care

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