anti blister & chafing - AKILEINE MAGIC Balm

AKILEINE MAGIC BALM To Comfort, Soothe and Relieve - Protects skin from chafing and blisters. Comfort in new shoes!

AKILEINE MAGIC BALM Comfort without blisters, whatever shoes you decide to wear!

Akileïne® Magic Foot Balm gives comfort and protection to the feet and combats the formation of calluses in friction zones by intensely moisturizing the skin. It is the perfect partner for women who want to avoid painful feet from wearing pumps, heels or new shoes.

AKILEINE® MAGIC BALM - The feet are perfectly moisturized and soothed.

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Glamour in Comfort - Akileine Magic Balm, Anti Blister and Chafing Cream

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