Company Profile

We offer quality engineering and testing services in time at a competitive price.

We offer a variety of engineering services: Roof-Consulting and Construction Services, Geotechnical Consulting, Environmental Site Assessment, Civil Engineering. Our main profile is roofing testing, consulting, inspections and design.

CeBB Engineering & Testing Co. consultants plan roof design solutions, perform evaluations of existing roofs, prepare construction documents, perform forensic inspections, and monitor construction. CeBB Engineering & Testing Co. consultants possess a broad base of practical knowledge about the roofing industry at large.

Eduard Badiu

Eduard C. Badiu, the principal of CeBB Engineering & Testing Co. possesses a large experience in soil-testing and sampling after working for almost seven years (1997-2003) as a driller, engineering technician, engineering inspector and Project Engineer for Soilprobe Engineering & Testing, Inc.

CeBB Engineering & Testing Co. has recently acquired a new portable tripod and an Acker Drill lightweight, portable, motorized cathead with a 16 feet aluminum derrick designed to facilitate transportation into remote areas (additions, swimming pools) or marine type conditions and various soil settlements problems and to perform a Standard Penetration Tests (SPT) to shallow depths by accommodating lifting tools in 10 ft. sections.

Since the inception of the company we have also produced numerous Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) studies Phase I throughout the Tri-County areas working directly for various commercial lenders as well as developers and contractors of various trades. Additionally we have designed and we continue to design residential civil engineering projects such on site sewage systems, drainage calculation and plans for projects located mainly in the Western Broward County (Southwest Ranches, Davie, Pembroke Pines).

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